Places to eat in and around Leeds…

I’ve been meaning to do a blog post like this for some time now.  I wouldn’t call myself a food critic.  I don’t have any posh food knowledge to base my comments on and I’m only armed with my own taste buds (which are pretty complex…).  However there are some pretty fantastic places Becky and I have found to eat around Leeds.  As I’ve mentioned before I get to eat quite a few meals, and there are a few restaurants that I’m really keen to try… but for what it’s worth here are our top places where the food is so good that it’s turning us into food snobs.

These are in no real order as they’re all different, but you just have to try them all!  And we’d both be happy to join you!  I must just say that I have no free meals for saying what I’m saying or any backscratching incentives to post about these places, they are just superb… and when I find some more I’ll pop another post about them as well… if people care to know :o)

1. Kendell’s Bistro

By far the best place I’ve ever been to for service, and run with real passion for the food.  The atmosphere is as excellent as the food, even the bread is imported from Paris!   I’d recommend the pre-theatre menu before going to see something at the theatre… surprisingly.  One of the dishes has just been used for the front cover of the Leeds Dining Out Guide, which is a great road map of some top notch places to eat in Yorkshire.

Kendell’s is right behind the BBC building, and opposite Leeds Collage of Music on St Peter’s Square.

Take a look at this food!!:

Here’s the new Dining Out Guide which (as I said earlier) has Steve’s dish on the front cover as well… Just hop along and enjoy yourself!

Number 2: Salsa Mexicana

This is a very special place just outside of Leeds, in Chapel Allerton.  I went once to take some pictures of the food, and then just kept going back with Becky… and various other people.  Salasa Mexicana is one of those gems you find where the people really care about what food their serving you.  You can check the restaurant website for directions, but it’s on Harrogate Road which runs through Chapel Allerton.  Simon uses spices as they’re supposed to be used, and not just to make it hot, and I’m not always the best with hot food, but the food here makes me want to get used to it.  We’ve never tasted better Nachos anywhere else, and although the food packs a punch it is frankly gorgeous.

Number 3:  Red Chili’s

I don’t have any pictures of the food for you here, but this is the best Chinese Restaurant I’ve found in England.  There are so many that are just like sit down take-aways, and they all taste like an English version of Chinese food.  Well Red Chili has a huge amount of Oriental customers, which tells you something… and the food is far beyond any other Chinese Restaurant I’ve ever been to.  YOU HAVE TO TRY THE BEJING ROAST DUCK if you go there.  We’ve been before just to order that, and then would’ve been quite happy to leave if the rest of the huge menu didn’t draw us in!  It’s right by millennium square in Leeds, and uses 5 star chefs (whatever that really means… but they are good), and one of them comes out of the kitchen with the cooked Duck on a trolley, and with no expression on the chef’s face, prepares it for your plate.  It’s just great to see how they only serve you the best parts of the Duck.

So although I don’t have any food shots I do have some of the venue… which are below :o)