Where would you like to be?

As I mentioned before it’s “Pre-Wed” Season, and I’ve been off around the country in all kinds of weather taking pictures.  I’m happy to travel almost anywhere for a Pre-Wed shoot, and it’s great when the location has some significance to the couple.  So where would you like to be?  I recently went up to North Yorkshire and was greeted with some fantastic weather… we’re just hoping it’s the same on the wedding day.  I really love this part of Yorkshire, it’s such a change from being in a city and it’s not so far out that you’re cut off from the rest of the world…although I had no signal at all on my phone.  Maybe one day I’ll live a little closer and not just visit for weddings and Pre-Wed shoots.  The cool thing about Pre-Wed sessions is that I never know what to expect.  I’ve taken pictures of people doing anything from climbing trees, handstands on a thin path through a lake, chasing deer, on Aston Villa’s football pitch, sitting comfortably on a park bench and even dangling over some pretty high bridges… all in the name of photography

So on to some pictures… I met Elly and Joel at a wedding I shot last year, so it should be good to see some familiar faces at their wedding!!  Oh and they opted for sitting on the edge of a high bridge, among other things: